Friday, February 27, 2009

the best hair care product i ever used

to keep my promise
i would like to show u that the 1st and also the only amway product i am using^^

SANTIQUE hi gross serum
a hair care product which strengthens hair and helps protect it from further damage

i am a gal who love to be natural
if i make up, i will try to make it to look like natural
i think that gal should emphasis more on hair care and face care
heavy make up and hair styling will only burden our skin and hair
when we grow older and older
we may realized that we should care more for our skin and hair since we were young
so why not start to care on it from this moment????

actually, this is my first time to keep long hair since i were a child
maybe also the first times for my good friends^^
they all chose to do rebounding because it lets their hair to look neat and straight
however, me, a stubborn gal who support natural
is happy that the hi gross serum keep my hair healthy and straight
without rebounding

in the nutshell
i am 100% recommend you to use this hair care product if you are keeping straight hair

Friday, February 20, 2009

the reasons i choose amway

first at all, i would like to let u know that neither i am the member of amway nor i understand their business system that much.
more than that, i am maybe "anti-amway" minded.
however, i had chose "amway".

anti=dislike or hate??however, dislike or hate not= refuse to understand and learn.
that is my opinion
that is life

i believe that most of u wish to run own business in future.
in real life,there are so many types of business that we can consider to entry.
direct sales, the most popular business that run by students or fresh graduate.
so that, i hope to know more about the business.
beside that, i realize that the leadership of amway is sucessful and worth for me to learn from it.
that's why i choose "amway".

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

who am i

Hello,everybody.Welcome to my blog.Nice to meet u^^
First of all,let me introduce myself.My name is Tan Jia Xin.You may call me ivy or 小佳...

I am a simple gal who like to eat,sleep,singing,talking,chatting...just like you.Agree or disagree?
I do believe in true love and i like flower.Freedom is important for me.
I like to traveling, especially to island.Sunshine,beach and sea let me feeling good.
Yoga, the favorite sport of me.Learning to be more focus and keep my body fit.

Although i know that chocolate makes me fat, i still addicted on it...It just like a friend who is able to accompany you no matter you are happy or sad.Some people said that dog is the good friend of human but i disagree.In my opinion, dog acts like a lover than a good friend. It is loyal and caring.

If you think that you are the box of chocolate of me, then just give me a comment to let me know who u are.See you.