Wednesday, February 11, 2009

who am i

Hello,everybody.Welcome to my blog.Nice to meet u^^
First of all,let me introduce myself.My name is Tan Jia Xin.You may call me ivy or 小佳...

I am a simple gal who like to eat,sleep,singing,talking,chatting...just like you.Agree or disagree?
I do believe in true love and i like flower.Freedom is important for me.
I like to traveling, especially to island.Sunshine,beach and sea let me feeling good.
Yoga, the favorite sport of me.Learning to be more focus and keep my body fit.

Although i know that chocolate makes me fat, i still addicted on it...It just like a friend who is able to accompany you no matter you are happy or sad.Some people said that dog is the good friend of human but i disagree.In my opinion, dog acts like a lover than a good friend. It is loyal and caring.

If you think that you are the box of chocolate of me, then just give me a comment to let me know who u are.See you.


  1. i like travel a lot too..
    i prefer visiting the natural scenery...
    however, i don't know whether i m the box of your chocolate.. and i prefer FERRERO ROCHER a lot... haha...
    if u want to be friend with me, u will treat me a box of chocolate!! haha...

  2. I like travel too...
    nice post...
    cute gal


  3. I want to learn YOGA wei ~

    Nice blog ~


  4. hi there, need a web counter? just click here :
    have a nice day!!

  5. hi gal,nice blog ya~~
    hehe,chocolate is my favorite too.. this is my own blog, there was a small mistake for my URL that lecturer had posted in de mmls.
    have a nice day ~~~

  6. disagree!!! lolx hehehe
    okla agree la orelse later u beat me T_T
    waaa ur blog not bad le teach me la..
    i new le... SIFU !! tolong wo !!
    xie xie ni ^^ later i give u eat chocolate k ^^
    cheers ya ^^