Friday, February 27, 2009

the best hair care product i ever used

to keep my promise
i would like to show u that the 1st and also the only amway product i am using^^

SANTIQUE hi gross serum
a hair care product which strengthens hair and helps protect it from further damage

i am a gal who love to be natural
if i make up, i will try to make it to look like natural
i think that gal should emphasis more on hair care and face care
heavy make up and hair styling will only burden our skin and hair
when we grow older and older
we may realized that we should care more for our skin and hair since we were young
so why not start to care on it from this moment????

actually, this is my first time to keep long hair since i were a child
maybe also the first times for my good friends^^
they all chose to do rebounding because it lets their hair to look neat and straight
however, me, a stubborn gal who support natural
is happy that the hi gross serum keep my hair healthy and straight
without rebounding

in the nutshell
i am 100% recommend you to use this hair care product if you are keeping straight hair


  1. Hi ivy, I explained your question about the laptop's price dy.You can go and see it.
    How much the price for this product? I wan to buy it for my younger sister as the birthday's present.^.^

  2. wah,can help straighten the hair...
    is tat like conditioner?
    how abt the price?

  3. no, it just like essence oil...
    the price is around rm50
    bt a bottle can be used for long time~~

  4. hey babe!
    I totally agree that everyone should take care of their hair and skin as they grow older, and its important to maintain while keeping it natural =)

    keep up with more updates on amway products!!

  5. hey ivy..haha i read ur blog and is good to know about amway product. Anyway,i agree with you that girls who always keep in natural way is the most beautiful..haha thx

  6. Hihi, no wonder you have a good and beauty long hair :)
    SANTIQUE hi gross serum really show its good affect

  7. aloha...
    i recommend those who hv coloured their hair recetnly, u may use the "color and heat protector" plus the serum tgt, it will protect ur color and protect ur hair more baik...


  8. help straighten the hair? maybe i can try this product since my hair is

  9. i used SANTIQUE shampoo before..very useful..^^

  10. hair is the most important expecially for girl. Hair is the beautifull for girl. and this product is good because i had try it before...pls do have a comment on my blog:)

  11. this product look good..i do care much bout my hair. maybe this a product for me. gotta buy this stuff