Friday, February 20, 2009

the reasons i choose amway

first at all, i would like to let u know that neither i am the member of amway nor i understand their business system that much.
more than that, i am maybe "anti-amway" minded.
however, i had chose "amway".

anti=dislike or hate??however, dislike or hate not= refuse to understand and learn.
that is my opinion
that is life

i believe that most of u wish to run own business in future.
in real life,there are so many types of business that we can consider to entry.
direct sales, the most popular business that run by students or fresh graduate.
so that, i hope to know more about the business.
beside that, i realize that the leadership of amway is sucessful and worth for me to learn from it.
that's why i choose "amway".


  1. Thanks for your comment. Ya, I agree with you about the leadership of amway. They do very well in this aspect. Some of my friends are quite successful in this business.

  2. hope u can find out more details of the amway business but not direct sales...
    and mayb u will change ur opinion on it...


  3. wah, nv noe u are anti-amway. lol. same here. but I kinda agree with u that Amway has a good system. haha